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Hello there!! You are just a few steps away from taking control of your future.
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Hello there!! You are just a few steps away from taking control of your future.


“Gender-Agnostic” approach in investing and other financial decision making process hasn’t been effective around the world for the women (and “non-experts”) in general and house makers in specific as it fails them to cater to their specific and individualistic needs for the following reasons:

  • More than 80% of Investment Advisors are men and they haven’t been in YOUR shoes ever
  • The “gender-agnostic” financial industry more often than not defaults to men’s salaries, career paths, financing preferences and lifespans to create their product design
  • Your salary, aspirations, preference, security needs and most importantly the thought process are different. So why do you settle for something which is conventionally tailor made for men?
    • How much someone earns determines how much she can invest toward her goals — and this differs drastically for women and men over their careers
    • A retirement scenario for a man and a woman, both 30 years old with a university degree, earning INR 750,000 p.a. & investing 20% of their income could lead to a complete different scenarios as their priority and preferences are fundamentally different

That’s not good enough and YOU have to change this Stereotype Approach adopted by the conventional industry.

We are NOT the financial “Wizkid” advisor, neither we are telling what you should do. This is for YOU to decide. But we can CERTAINLY help YOU to change this stereotype and conventional model by supporting YOU to manage “HOW TO DO” part and shifting the focus to YOU and YOUR NEEDS from complex and jargon heavy products. We’re ready to commit ourselves as YOU have decided to explore and challenge the conventional stereotypes by imprinting YOUR IDENTITY on YOUR financial goals and future.